Hi! I’m Erica. One half of The Ewings Photography Studio.
And I'm all about using photography to illuminate the light and love in people's lives. I'm inspired by love. From that first moment you look into his eyes and realize this is the start of your forever. To the love of a new mama, who's heart is exploding with gratitude. The love of a family growing up together. Of a proud father as he dances - tears in his eyes - with his daughter at her wedding.

Love is shared in a glance, in a smile. It's shared in laughs, in hugs. Its different for everyone. And its what keeps me so totally inspired to capture it and celebrate it through beautiful finished art. I have the privilege of photographing people at the most important and love-filled stages in their lives, from weddings to babies and growing families.

Who's the other half of The Ewings Photography Studio? That's my love. My hubby and my self-proclaimed passenger in life, Ben. We're happiest with each other, and you can generally find us together photographing weddings or running circles with our two crazy kiddos, Trev & Coop.

Our home is filled with chaos and love, red wine and walls of printed pictures. Because to us, there's no better decoration for a home than prints of the people you love most. And we know these prints will turn into our most valued treasures as time continues to tick on.

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Client thoughts on working with Erica & Ben: